What is it?

FreeBox is a free VM hosting service that provides micro boxes to you with the click of a button.

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Deployment information

VM slot 59 available...
Creating disk...
Starting TinyVM...
Finishing up...

IPs: free.vpsbox.info; please.host.us.to; freebox.us.to
Your SSH port: 5922
Root PW: root
Default user: user
User password: user
Port list:
  • VM side ports => Actual port to locate VM
  • WWW: 80 => 5980
  • FTP: 21 => 5921
  • SSH: 22 => 5922
  • Extra: 6666 => 5966
  • IRC: 6667 => 5967
  • Minecraft: 25665 => 5965

All VM side servers must run on their respected ports (80 & 22) and 6666 for your aux. port. They are active at the actual ports listed above.
Download your VM disk image here or start your VM if need be; whether in case of a power outage or your doing of shutting down the virtual machine. Your VM number is 59.

Welcome to FreeBox! :3

Terms of usage:

These VM's are not in any way anonymous! The disk images can be downloaded from this web server and are given to you for the availability to download before termination. Anyone else could easily find a random disk on the web server! Therefore, these are for VM testing purposes only! These virtual machines are not to be used for illegal activities as in seedboxes for copyright content, or mischevious activities toward networks. Network useage is monitored and restricted. Securing your box is encuraged considering your IMG file is readily available to anyone. Multiple VM deploy's are prohibited at once. You may have more than one VM but do note that there's limited server resources and that everyone should be able to enjoy this service! Do NOTE: ALL DATA MAY BE ERASED AFTER 4 WEEKS, 28 DAYS UPTIME PERIOD. SAVE THE LINK AND PAGE BEFORE CLOSING THE TAB AFTER DEPLOYMENT! NO WARRANTY IS PROVIDED FOR LOSS OF DATA OR INOPERABILITY.

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