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FreeBox is a free VM hosting service that provides micro boxes to you with the click of a button.
The virtual machines have a uptime lifespan of 7 days per deploy. After the VM has been deployed, it will kill itself and remove the disk image in exactly 1 week, 7 days, or 604,800 seconds! The creation process will give you the ports to access your VM along with the connection IP. Here are the specs of the VM:

Terms of usage: These VM's are not in any way anonymous! The disk images can be downloaded from this web server and are given to you for the availability to download before termination. Anyone else could easily find a random disk on the web server! Therefore, these are for VM testing purposes only! These virtual machines are not to be used for illegal activities as in seedboxes for copyright content, or mischevious activities toward networks. Network useage is monitored and restricted. Do NOTE: ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED AFTER THE 1 WEEK USAGE. SAVE THE LINK AND PAGE BEFORE CLOSING THE TAB AFTER DEPLOYMENT!

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